Since 1993 we are organizing dive trips to the most beautiful diving areas of the Algarve coast all year around. Safety considerations are always the most important issue. The best diving conditions are usually between April and October. The water temperature varies from fresh 14 to comfy 22C. The visibility in the Atlantic is 5-15m on average, depending on wind and currents. But it can also reach up to 20m on perfect days.

There is a lot of sea life to see in the Atlantic. You can spot octopus, cuttle fish, squid, scorpion fish, many kind of crustaceans, eels and of course many different species of fish. The large variety of nudibranchs and our seahorses are particularly popular with macro photographers.Sea cucumber lovers will also get their money’s worth.

We offer our guests around 20 different dive sites, including the highlights of the Algarve – the grottos at Sagres and the artificially submerged wrecks in front of Portimao. We usually do two dives a day and additional night dives on request. We have the possibility to dive on the south or west coast of the Algarve depending on the diving conditions. This has the advantage that we are more flexible in changeable weather. With every dive you encounter other creatures, one dive is never like the other. However, diving conditions can change daily depending on the wind and waves. For us, safety is the most important selection criterion for the dive site and sometimes we have to reschedule or postpone the dive in poor conditions. Even the most beautiful diving area is not fun in bad conditions, and we want our guests to experience great dives and to come back.

We approach our diving areas from land and with various boats. The diving depth ranges from max. 12m for beginners or refreshers to a maximum depth of 30 meters. We do not know mass crowds under water here. We try to plan our dives so that we are the only group on site.

Divers wishing to dive in the Algarve must hold a valid diving license and have to fill in a medical statement. If you are not yet a certified diver, you can take part in a trial diving program or get your diving license here with us by participating in a PADI diving course.