Our dive sites

Shore dive sites

Seahorse reef, depth max. 8m
Small reef with a good chance of seahorses, many octopuses and cuttlefish. During night dives you can often see electric rays and thornback rays.

Pedra da Gaivota, depth max. 12m
Beautiful reef with many large fan corals that shine in all colors. On this dive you can find everything the Atlantic Ocean has to offer.

Salema, depth max. 7m
Underwater museum with many partly inscribed wreck parts, including 3 large anchors and cannons of the admiral ship “L’Òcean”, which sank in 1786. Beautiful reef with lots of underwater life.

Wreck in Burgau, depth max. 10m
Tugboat sunk 60 years ago, beautifully overgrown. An oasis in the sand and therefore a magnet for all sea life.

Burgau reef, depth max. 6m
Beautiful overgrown reef with many fish, octopus, cuttlefish. Ideal for beginners.

Ingrina, depth max 12m
Reef dive ,entry begins with a jump into a grotto. Beautiful rock formations.

Barranco, depth max 10m
Beautiful underwater landscape with grotto. Especially popular with photographers

Carrapateira, depth max 16m
Dive on the west coast, canyons and caves. Weather permitting.

Praia do Martinhal, depth max 12m
Rocky reef, well suited for beginners, often diveable even in bad conditions

Sagres boat dive sites

Ponte da Atalaia, depth 0-25m
Steep face with 3 huge grottos, one of them with large stalactites and air halls to emerge, a passage and a “Swiss cheese” grotto. All 3 grottos are worth a dive. In front of the caves huge rock formations form a reef. Here you can find lobsters, spiders and also lobsters. Also big squid and cuttlefish are often seen here.

Ilhas do Martinhal, depth 0-25m
Archipelago off Sagres, stone walls and grottos, very rich in fish.

Shadow gorge, depth 0-20m
2 passages with a beautiful play of light, on 18m old wreckage parts which come from a freighter blown up 60 years ago. Ideal for wide angle photography.

Tovore wreck, depth 32m
Coal freighter sunk in the 1st World War by German air raid. About 80m long and 12m wide. Very weather dependent, often strong current and due to the depth often worse visibility. Many flag perches.

Mareta, depth 5- 18m
Two big canyons, many slugs.

Tonel, depth max 22m
beautiful rock formations

Boat dive sites Lagos

Porto de Mos, depth 12-20m
Reef with very high wall, many overhangs and deep crevices. Many large sea fan corals in all colours. Many conger eels.

Rocha Negra , depth 8-18m
Black volcanic rock, beautifully overgrown and with lots of fish. Very popular with photographers because of the large number of different nudibranches.

Ancora, depth 12-20m
Reef with many old anchors, small passages and overhangs to dive through.

Rondao do Alvo, depth 14-22m
Round reef with a cave on 18m, the exit is over the reef top, many conger eels and morays

Pedras Altas, depth 10-20m
Very high rocks with canyons.

Ocean Revival Park, depth 18- 30m
A total of 4 large naval vessels, which were specially sunk for divers in 2009. Very weather dependent, only for experienced divers. Very many fish.

This is only a selection of the dive sites that are regularly visited. There are many other dive sites that are just waiting to be explored by you. The more often you dive at one of our areas, the more you can discover.
We would be happy to show you the beauty of the underwater world of the Algarve! We are looking forward to your visit.